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I'm live on the sunday fundraiser stream! 

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United States
Drawin ponies bro.

I keep my tumblr far more updated, I tend to draw mostly cute colored sketches for fun these days. You can find the link below!

Find me other places!
Check the details right here…

Part 1 by Bobdude0
Part 3 by Bobdude0
Part 4 by Bobdude0

Thank you for any and all signal boosts! Bid updates can be found on my tumblr, not here.


Growing Up

hah, you thought I’d take this in a shipping direction didn’t you, but instead I hit you with

R E L A T A B L E    F E E L I N G S

I’m graduating college soon, so all my friends are suddenly moving out of my day to day life. I’m still in school here for another 4 years because veterinary medicine, and I’ll be moving in to a single bedroom apartment, so I’m suddenly very lonely. Needed to get my feels out in a productive way so I turned it into this.

Obviously I invested a lot of time and emotion into this one, been more or less completely terrified about what the future is going to hold for me, and very soon. Childhood home is gone, childhood friends are on their way out the door, it’s just going to be me vs the world really soon and I don’t feel ready. I’ll be keeping in touch with these people of course but it’s not the same. I imagine a lot of you can relate.

At least this was a fun project. Took me way longer than I thought it would, but it made me feel a lot better. Hopefully if you feel my feels then it can make you feel a little better too.

For anyone reading this on deviantart, you should really be checking this out over on tumblr at (I keep it actually updated, this DA is more or less just here to contain my old painterly stuff). While I'm shilling, you can also follow me on twitter at

There’s a lot more I could say about this whole thing, but I hope y’all enjoyed another “bobdude projects himself onto sweetie belle” episode, more to come.
Check the details right here…

Part 1 by Bobdude0
Part 3 by Bobdude0
Part 4 by Bobdude0

Thank you for any and all signal boosts! Bid updates can be found on my tumblr, not here.
More of the Sweeties

All your Sweetie Belles in one convenient image.

This is an update to my old Sweetie collage, All the Sweeties. This one has significantly more Sweetie Belle. The last one had 32 unique Sweeties, this one has 94. Godspeed if you try to count them all. This is actually only around half of the total Sweetie Belles I have lying around, but most of them are quite old so I didn’t think they looked too nice. Anyways, next time I update this thing I think I’ll stick to only the drawings of solo Sweetie Belle, as much as I like the peppering of Apple Bloom I can’t help but feel like it’d be a bit more Bobdude if it were only the Belle. Or maybe I should only have it be Sweetie and Bloom and no other horse? Which is more Bobdude? Bah.

This design will appear on some crazy big 60x80 inch plush fleece blankets for EFNW, trotcon, and bronycon. That’s right, *60x80*. The print file for this collage is a whopping 8.9 gigabytes, 432 million pixels. had to get me my 300 dots per inch. And yes I’m bringing back the plush fleece, regular fleece had a nice heavy build and it printed very well, but I had more than one person at BABS pass on em cause they didn’t like the material. If I had just washed them beforehand the starchy fresh printed feeling wouldn’t have been around but I didn’t have that kind of foresight… Bit nervous about these ones too, since they’re so big and they’re a special plush, they’re *not* cheap to print so I’m really taking a leap on this one.

Also holy shit I updated my deviantart for the first time in like a year. I think most people know I mainly upload to tumblr these days. I should get back to painting a bit though, I'll have the time this summer after all...



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Envirotech Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh dear gosh, why oh why have I just found you on now??!! haha   XD   I'm sooo slow with things sometimes.   
Bobdude0 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're probably not slow, it's just that I never ever post stuff to DA, more of the tumblr type these days.
But hey you can see my old paint stuff from 3 years ago here lol
Envirotech Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Photographer
Squee!! ^_^ I'll do just that. :D   (eventually I need to get myself a tumblr, I guess just to keep up with tumblrs! hehe)
sphynn Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017
Happy Bob, BirthDude! I mean, Happy Dude, BobBirth! Well, you know what I mean... thanks for another year of adorably squishy awesome!
Derpyhooves2010 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017
Happy birthday, dude!
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